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Please not that the Sound & Music shared by Troy is therapeutic only and not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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“Come Home through Sound….”

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About Troy

Let Go of the Mind - Come into the Heart

After engaging with a plethora of modalities and philosophies over the years, from every angle, Troy has reached a point where searching for the next thing is no longer holding much attraction.

“It’s really very simple.  Let go of the mind and all the ways it attempts to control our lives. Open to the dimension of heart and presence, and let this express through us in our every waking moment.”

Troy Aaron


First and Foremost, Troy’s passion is to deepen into the presence of self and the truth of who we are.

He has worked extensively with Self Enquiry, Core Beliefs, Emotional Release, Karmic Patterning, Physical Release Work over the last 15 years.

Alongside this intense personal development and unravelling, he has also played a variety of musical instruments.

Music and Sound - Gods Gift for Transformation

In this age of moving from being driven by fear based thinking patterns to heart-based experience, Sound is a powerful force for change.

Over many years learning and playing instruments, Troy has realised the power of sound to help us connect to our divine essence and heart.

Bypassing the conscious mind, Sound Holds a space for us to connect the presence and oneness beyond, taking the mind “out of play” and allowing us to experience ourselves and life on a deeper, more fundamental level.

Tune2peace - “Coming Home through Sound”

If you wish to learn more about connecting to your heart, presence and letting go of the mind, you can engage with this process in a number of ways.

Ways that you can engage with Sound at Tune2Peace:

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coming home through sound