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Please not that the Sound & Music shared by Troy is therapeutic only and not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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Music Lessons Background

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Purpose of Music Lessons

The aim of all music lessons with Tune2Peace, is to allow you to develop your capacity to express yourself creatively through your chosen instrument.

The Initial Period is VITAL!

In order to reach a space of pure creative expression and go beyond the conscious mind, a period of initial learning allows you to anchor in the core skills of your chosen instrument. Whether it is circular breathing on the Didgeridoo, or finger placement on the Native American Flute / Irish Whistle, this initial learning and practice period is VITAL.  

Troy will endeavour to contact you within 1 business day to arrange a time to discuss your lessons.

Learn About Music Lessons


The support provided in lessons during this period of learning, ensures that you do not :-

Music Lessons also support the development of your positive aspects as a musician, helping you to successfully reach a place of :-

1 Hour Lessons (Fortnightly)

Troy finds that to allow the information, skills and capacities being passed on during the lessons, a 1 hour lesson is most effective.  This is especially true for beginners, and to reinforce the circular breathing techniques on didgeridoo.

Troy runs most lessons on a fortnightly basis.

How Many Lessons will I need?

The ethos of Music Lessons with Tune2Peace is to get you up and running on your chosen instrument as quickly as possible.  

Often only 3-4 lessons are required to get people to where they want to be on the instrument, and ongoing lessons are not required.  (For example, once circular breathing is mastered on Didgeridoo, the student may wish to leave the lessons there)  Of course, for students who wish to develop a higher level of skill or mastery on the instrument, ongoing lessons are available.

Guide to Lessons on Each Instrument


Troy generally finds that a 4 lesson cycle is required for most people to fully anchor the circular breathing and release any bad habits which might prevent you from learning didge rythms etc.   

Didgeridoo Lessons >

Native American Flute

If you’ve never played before (and particularly if you have little or no prior instrumental experience), 4 lessons should give you a solid foundation in getting a solid note, breathing, and learn some more advanced techniques of playing.

Native American Flute Lessons >

Irish Whistle

Generally, the Irish Whistle Requires consistent and long term practice and the ability to read music, to reach a competent level of playing.  4 lessons will certainly be a wonderful start in the right direction.

Irish Whistle Lessons >

Medicine Drum & Awakening to Sound Sessions

These sessions are more about feeling than learning specific skills.  You are given a safe space to open to feeling and expressing musically, in the most basic of ways.  These sessions do not require skill training and so you may not need to undergo a full 4 sessions to awaken these capacities.

Medicine Drum Sessions >

Sound Awakening Sessions >

Lesson Fees - Invest in Yourself!

“Develop Skills, Then Express yourself Freely”

The current fees for music lessons are $70 per 1 hour lesson.

Discounts are available when lessons are purchased as a block of 3 or more.

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Take the Next Step

To enquire about music lessons with Tune2Peace, or book in, simply fill out the form below, or call Troy Today on 0414203423.