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Please not that the Sound & Music shared by Troy is therapeutic only and not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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“Come Home through Sound….”

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Music and sound are powerful healing instruments, due to the capacity of sound to bypass the conscious mind and connect with us directly on an emotional level.

In this space, we are able to drop into a state of being-ness in which is is possible to release programming and conditioning, emotions, traumas, etc with relative ease.

Sound & Music Healing

Not everyone is at a point of being able to let go and do this.  For these people, a more conscious and talking based modality may be required to break down individual beliefs one at a time.

It’s all about Vibration

Sound and Music is vibration and at our essence, we too are vibrational beings.

The concept of “Reasonance” is quite key here, in that when a particular note, or drum beat plays in sound healing work, it can “tune up” a part of the energy field (and physical body) which is holding lower vibrational aspects such as traumas, limited beliefs, unexpressed emotions etc.

This often results in the release of old memories, emotions, traumas, and subconscious programming and allows our physical body to re-form after the release in a healthier energetic patterning which is more in alignment with ideal health.

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The instruments used in Sound Healing are varied and often have a connection to a period or place which can assist in triggering clients into the past situations being cleared. (Including Past Lives)  These instruments include, Voice, Guitar, Violin, drums, Bells, Chimes, Gongs, Flutes, Whistles, Percussion, etc.

Sacred Space

Sound and Music Healing is a sacred space where people can share and let go of things which no longer serve them.  Troy works with his infinite self,  to hold the space and for the group members to make shifts within the musical experience.

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